Our story

As a contemporary art freak and Animation series producer, my monthly dose of events was pretty high. This is why I got sick and tired of yet another event where I ended up with a headache due to the bad wine or an overdose of sugar in the typical soft drinks. So I went looking for a drink that could liven up my taste buds, without making my head spin. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to create one.

I tried all kind of different combinations of ingredients, until one day! In No-vember 2017 all these ingredients came together in a miraculously satisfying whole. I felt like Willy Wonka, only without the crazy kids.

So every weekend I made a myself a bottle. But soon friends forced me to make bottles for them also.

The wife served it to her clients in her deco-store, and soon Gimber was a local success. Some people drove 50 kilometers or more to buy a bottle, in an online world a considerable commitment.

It wasn’t always sunshine, smiles and soda. It turns out the small Peruvian ginger I use is pretty fibrous and broke more than four machines in no-time. Having previously worked out the muscles in my fingers as a ‘keyboard warrior’ in my previous job, I also needed to become bigger and stronger to hump sacks of cane sugar and bottle crates.


What I’m super proud of : finding out that Belgian pilots drink GIMBER to stay sharp (and sober, thank god). So who knows how many flights and holidays Gimber has saved? I’m happy that today, you’re becoming part of the GIMBER story also!